Divya Reddy’s Clothing line is inspired from traditional handlooms. Elegant, enchanting and affordable Indian wear for all occasions. From heartwarming sunsets to graceful rose quartz comes a romantic contemporary twist that is worth twirling in.

One of the rare designers with a distinction of working with some of the biggest names within the hallowed echelons of the fashion industry and Indian cinema.

The dynamic duo launched their contemporary fashion label in 1999 and created the perfect marriage between the emotions of the Indian culture and modern western aesthetics. Their color palette is broad, allowing the focus to be on silhouettes.

Masaba’ the label by Masaba Gupta was launched in July 2009.The brand focuses on being artistically commercial, offering the Indian consumer Indian fusion wear that is edgy yet rooted to its culture.

Kavita Bhartia showcases the riches and traditions of India. It demonstrates the diversity of Indian crafts as in the use of handwork, embroideries, dyeing techniques, textures and materials that are the trademark of India. The collection is a blend of Indian tradition with international trends to create a ‘look’ that is global.

Kanelle is a designer brand, created for women who value style, comfort, quality and like to add a twist, to make each ensemble their own. Each silhouette is created with intricate detailing to create looks that are minimal, feminine while being on-trend and wearable – A testament to smart designing.

Nikasha Tawdey Khemka made her debut in the Indian fashion industry in 2006 with her eponymous label ‘NIKASHA’. With breezy silhouettes and innovative cuts, each collection portrays Fusion wear with an urbane twist.

Saumya & Bhavini Modi is a designer label which imbibes ethnic aesthetics with modern influences with a rich use of delicate embroideries and intricate handwork. Their collections are renowned for their perfect cuts, fine fabrics, flowy silhouettes and great embellishments.

Finding the perfect piece of jewelery is an exhilarating and unique experience. Just Shradha’s launched in the year 2008 is a combination of artistic and creative costume jewelery commenced as a sheer passion and now blossoming into a luxury brand. We have stuff for people of all age groups. Every piece that you pick up from my collection you’re sure to adorn it for a lifetime and yes I can assure you that you ‘re sure to make heads turn ! A generous mix of delicate pearl and statement precious stones to add the perfect touch to your ensemble.

Nothing says accessories better than Curio Cottage. If your are searching for style with a touch of sophistication, then you’ve come to the right place – a place where accessories spell out elegance. Style is an aspect that should be accessible to everyone. Hence, ours is the one store where you will find studded necklaces, dainty bracelets and shimmering earrings and a wide variety of so many more drop-dead amazing pieces all at rates that your purse will later thank you for! So don’t hesitate for a moment yet to come; whether it is to stay on top of a trend or just to add an elegant touch to your outfit, Curio Cottage is the place to be.