Confessions of a Shopaholic

Designer Garments For Rent

Yes, I am a shopaholic, I admit I am.

Designer Garments For Rent

This is an honest confession that I have denied for a long time and brushed off believing that I was born to shop.

For I am one of those who have been shopping all my life and still have a challenge deciding what to wear. I have no room in my closet to keep all my clothes, yet “I need new clothes” is my feeling every morning!

It is my desire to wear new clothes and to be a new me every morning which in reality is a challenge when I think of balancing my budget and meet my unyielding desire Fashion Dresses On Rent.

This is not a problem anymore as I got introduced to Date My Closet, a one stop shop for designer clothes and jewellery on rent. A website that caters to modern Indian woman, offers carefully curated and handpicked garments from A-Listed designers.

If you feel the same way, your wait is over. Come visit datemycloset and become the new you anytime you desire Wedding Clothes Rental.

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